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European Christmas Traditions and Customs

European Christmas Traditions and Customs - Świąteczne Tradycje i Obyczaje

Article from 'Ty i Ja', ‘You and Me’ Illustrated Polish Magazine. (in Polish above picture)
December - Grudźień 1960, Issue Nr. 8,
page 25&54

According to this article some Christmassy translated FAQ as:

Today we can not imagine Christmas Celebration with out a Christmas Tree, which appeared for the first time in Alsace region in the 15nth Century (the habit of dressing-up Christmas tree has been noted in the year 1494).

In Strasburg Christmas Tree appeared in 1605, in Leipzig in 1767, in Berlin 1780 and in Graz not until 1813.

Below Written By Z. Kuchowicz - 17th century Christmas Nativity play poem translated into english


.... "Joy Celestial, Cry the sky, the clouds ....
You can hear the merry jumps Angels, saints,
joy covered Sing, cry out.
Longer and the wings broke,When I flew with joy,
Michael shed over Flying fell on frozen ground,
slaughtered on the side, lost a wing,
Gabriel, who preached God Also flu,
Found the bagpipes, Broke hip and legs
and give-up eventually
When we broke the wings, rolling around like sheep,
One after another Stood-up immediately,
singing at havoc cried.

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