Saturday, 27 March 2010

Polish Industrial Design - meble, furniture

Fotografia / photography: T.Rolke, T. Cissowski

Autor Projektu/ designer - Maciej Żwinis ( z Instytutu Wzornictwa Przemysłowego - from The Institute of Industrial Design

‘Ty I ja’ - ‘ You and Me’ Illustrated Polish Magazine

Issue Nr 3(11) Marzec / March 1961

In 1960s Communist Poland new accommodation’s, flats were build quite small and had to serve the whole family with allocations of 2 people per room, which meant eg. that parents with 4 children were allocated a flat with 3 rooms ( not including bathroom and kitchen or hallway).

For this reasons furniture manufacturing in these early years concentrated on providing compact versatile furniture design accommodating family needs, which does not differ dramatically form today. The main change is visible in the use of different materials, methods of manufacturing and the use of color in the design styling.

Nagłòwkowy cytat:

“Przez kilka godzin dziennie mieszkanie jest także naszym miejscem pracy”

Headline quote translated into English:

"For several hours every day living is also our place of work"

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