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Polish Industrial Design

Issue Nr 3(11) Marzec / March 1961

Image: Instytut Wzornictwa Przemysłowego

Article based on Polish Industrial Design in ‘You and Me’ Illustrated Polish Magazine

Historically Industrial Revolution can be traced back to the Victorian times of 18th century but the first International Style that emerged was Art Nouveau (1890-1910), promoting ideas from the Art and Crafts Movement with motto:


The most impact on life style an design we enjoy today had the period of Modernism with motto:


where main issues were tackled on achievement in designs, sustained economic growth, changes in work methods and increase in consumer goods.

In ‘hard time’ between the wars Industrial aesthetics had not much importance as simple iron beds and tables had to do, but just after the second World War in 1945 a new faculty of industrialism took off with emphases on aesthetic considerations to increase production of everyday simple goods founded by Ministry of Art and Culture in Poland.

I would like to mentioned some of the Polish Industrial designers by creating on line list, as they do not get much recognitions. Having photographic images (illustracje prac) clearly displayed in all issues of ‘Ty i Ja’ - ‘You and Me’ magazines prompt me to share some of the well designed and edited content as not all was dedicated to fashion, food or advertising but shows the creative edge of Polish Industrial Designers and Applied Designers and their way of Styling at that time.


„Największym skarbem każdego kraju są nie bogactwa naturalne, ziemia, ani kapitał, ale zamieszkujący go ludzie”.

In English quote:

"The greatest treasure of any country are not natural resources, land, or capital, but people living in it."

By Polish Institute of Industrial Design

List of Polish Industrial designers from March 1961 issue in the pictures are:

Barbara Ròżycka – Textile/children fashion design
• Janina Dobrzyńska – Textile/fashion
• Wanda Piechal – Leather accessories
• Zdzisław Wròblewski – Furniture/Chair design
• Maria Serafin – Shoe design
• Zofia Przybyszewska – Ceramics
• Czesław Dukat – Textile/ print design
• Irena Żmudzińska – furniture/tables and chair design
• Maria Chomentowska – furniture/ table design
• Danuta Duszniak – Ceramics - ‘Prometeusz’ design
• Zespòł Młodzieżowy pod kierunkiem (Youth ensemble directed by) Antoniego Kenara – Decorative Textile / print design.

Discovering Women in Polish Design

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